The Kindermusik Secret

I love being a Kindermusik educator. I've done so for six years now, and I never tire of watching the parents interact with their children in my classroom – the shared laughter, the creative moments of discovery, and the memories that will surely be cherished for many years to come.

Well, I've come here to tell you a secret. Promise not to tell anyone? It may be quite shocking to some of you!

I'm not the teacher in my Kindermusik classroom.


Well, as a Kindermusik educator, I believe YOU, the parent, are your child's most important teacher. No one will ever know or understand your children like you do, and as they grow and learn, you will be the most important factor in their success.

So what exactly is my job as a Kindermusik teacher then?

• providing an open environment where you and your children can learn and grow together

• coaching you as you explore the world of music with your child

• educating you about your child's development and finding new ways to enhance that development

While I wear many hats (sometimes literally) in my classroom, being the best teacher for your child is not one of them. That is an honor reserved for you. Wear it with pride, and don’t forget, that little "teacher secret", it's just between us!


Guest Contributor: Aimee Carter Delightful Sounds, Inc. (813) 503-6976

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