The Importance of Triangulation

Without a doubt, it takes all of the caring adults in a child’s life working together to effectively foster and nurture a child’s overall development.  That’s really what’s been at the heart of Kindermusik for over 30 years now – to empower parents as a child’s first and best teacher and connect a parent and child with their Kindermusik educator who can provide expert tips and loving support throughout those precious, formative early years.

This is the power of triangulation in its most positive context – teacher, parent, and child coming together in ways that significantly impact the child’s development, attitude toward learning, love of music, academic performance, self-confidence, creativity, and relationships with others.

From those first baby classes to the last big kid classes, the Kindermusik learning process is based on that beautiful, unending triangle of parent(s) – child – teacher.  The parent engages with the child, in class and/or at home.  The teacher not only interacts with the child, but also the parent, providing support and resources that help make great parenting a little bit easier (and a whole lot more musical!)  The teacher and parent then work together on behalf of the child, to ensure that the child is gaining the full cognitive, academic, social, and musical benefits from the experience.

And then there are those incredible @Home Materials that are the glue that holds the parent-teacher-student Kindermusik triangle together.  The @Home Materials are almost as good as being able to take your Kindermusik teacher home with you because you can take the music, fun, and learning with you all week long, wherever you go.

Kindermusik truly goes from class to home and back again, all because of that wonderful parent-teacher-student triangle that is the backbone of the Kindermusik philosophy and experience.

Parent - Student - Teacher Triangle


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