The Gift of Time: Holiday Activities for the Whole Family

There is no better gift than the gift of time, but with our busy lives and constant demands, it can also be one of the hardest gifts to give – especially during the holidays.

It’s during the holiday season that we long for the gift of time the most – time together, time to make memories, time to slow down a bit. Here are some ideas for making that holiday wish come true!

Make a simple craft together

These crafts could even turn into Christmas gifts for grandparents and neighbors. Here are some simple hand craft ideas from Kindermusik – crafts using your kids own hands. Or enjoy letting your little drummer make his or her own Coffee Can Drum. We also highly recommend The Artful Parent website as another fabulous kid-friendly resource for crafts.

Hand Crafts
Check out our craft activities!

Get in the kitchen together

How about breakfast for dinner? Or a “make-your-own-pizza” night? Or a make-it, bake-it, gift-it night? Even young children can enjoy contributing as you prepare an easy meal together or make some brownies for an elderly neighbor down the street. Making and sharing a meal together is a relationship builder!

Commit to a “device free” evening together

Pop some popcorn. Play charades. Tell jokes. Put a puzzle or two together. Talk and share some childhood memories. Listen to music as you create some holiday cards to mail out. Set aside time to engage with each other rather than screens. Those glowing wonders will still be there when your done!

Schedule a family game night

Put it on the calendar, circle it in red, and make it non-negotiable. Teach your children your favorite game from when you were a kid (Uno or Candy Land, anyone?!), and then let them teach you one of their favorite games.

Attend a carol sing or concert together

Nothing creates a memorable shared experience like attending a concert. This time of year especially there are often many free and kid-friendly concerts that the whole family can enjoy.

Drive around and look at holiday lights

You know those neighborhoods where everyone goes all out. Make this extra fun by getting everyone in their pajamas, loading up in the car, and oohing and ahhing over all of the lights. And don’t forget to go through the drive-through for hot chocolate on the way home.

This display probably took a serious amount of time to produce!

Week in and week out, Kindermusik gives you the gift of time together with your child – singing, dancing, playing, learning, and making music. Consider giving the gift of time by enrolling your child in Kindermusik. You’ll savor the moments, the laughter, the memories, and the music you’ll share!

Shared by Theresa Case, whose award-winning Kindermusik program at Piano Central Studios has been giving families in upstate South Carolina the gift of music and the gift of time together for over 20 years now.

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