Become a Children’s Music Teacher with Kindermusik

If you’ve ever thought seriously about teaching children’s music-and-movement classes, or have pondered the idea of opening your own music studio, you may feel daunted by all there is to consider, manage, and learn. Maybe you’ve put off your dream of becoming a children’s music teacher in favor of something that seems more realistic or practical. After all, building a business, mastering a curriculum, and figuring out how to teach fun, developmentally appropriate children’s music classes to demanding customers (sure, they’re cute, but kids can be tough!) is no small task.

But that’s where Kindermusik comes in. There are many benefits to partnering with Kindermusik: time-tested, research-based curricula, impressive marketing materials, a hosted website and enrollment system, and a name trusted by parents across the globe. But perhaps the most important factor is our world-class Kindermusik University training. Kindermusik University makes becoming a children’s music teacher easy and fun!


What is Kindermusik University?

Kindermusik University prepares children’s music teachers for success in and out of the classroom. A comprehensive training program that covers early childhood development and pedagogy, as well as marketing and business best practices, Kindermusik University prepares new graduates to provide an exceptional educational experience while also giving them the knowledge they need to support a thriving business. Just how thriving? Check out this profile of Jessica Solares, who runs a Top Kindermusik Program at Bucktown Music in Chicago. To learn more about the experience of being a Kindermusik educator, read the inspiring stories of other studio owners, like Emilie, Stefanie, and Marie.

Kindermusik University - Children's Music Teacher Training

How does Kindermusik University work?

So how do we do it? How do we set you up for this kind of success and fulfillment? With a thoughtfully developed syllabus, a personal mentorship program, and a lot of peer support and camaraderie. When you enroll in Kindermusik University, you’ll begin twelve weeks of online training, during which time you’ll learn new teaching strategies, research your community, and create a sustainable business plan, all under the guidance of your own personal Kindermusik University coach. Next, you’ll meet in person with fellow educators for three days of intensive training, demo classes, stimulating group discussions, and sessions on a variety of topics. At Kindermusik, we believe a serious business can still be serious fun, so there’s always lots of singing, dancing, and playing.

Kindermusik University - Children's Music Teacher Training Testimonial

What happens after Kindermusik University?

After completing a four-week practicum (student teaching class), you’ll be ready to begin teaching Kindermusik, build your own successful business, and impact children’s lives in ways you can’t even imagine. But the learning and support don’t stop there. We’re completely dedicated to your success and provide continuing professional development and customer support, so you’ll always have access to the tools you need to grow your business.

Sound good? Of course it does! So don’t postpone your dream any longer. If you’re interested in learning more about Kindermusik University, starting a new Kindermusik business, or adding Kindermusik to your existing business, just fill out the quick form below.  We look forward to seeing you in our next training class!

“Kindermusik International stays ahead of the curve, includes cutting edge research related to early childhood education, and capitalizes on the developments in technology that impact our work as educators and business owners. Our strength is the passion we have for music and the children….The training helps you be fully prepared and continuously learning with all of us who share this same passion.”

– Gina Terry, Kindermusik Business Owner

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