Repetition Repetition Repetition

Humans are built for repetition. So much of what we do as living beings is rooted in repetitive structure. We have a cycle each day that we repeat: get daily again...more a third a bit...and sleep. The next day its starts again. We brush our teeth the same way each day. [...]

Repeat After Me: Kids Learn from Repetition

“Again! Again!” It is not a coincidence that young children ask to read the same book 22 nights in a row. While the adults involved may secretly (and not so secretly) wish for more diversity, all that repetition strengthens the learning or growth of neural connections in children’s brains. Repetition is good for children. In […]

FOL Fridays: Repetition

Again, again!!  Children learn through repetition.  Each time a child is exposed to a new object or experience, new neural connections are made in his brain.  Through repetition, these connections are strengthened and learning occurs.  Every Kindermusik curriculum is designed to repeat certain activities – in part because of this important connection between repetition and […]

Again, again!!

Again, again!!  There’s a reason why those are two of your child’s favorite words – repetition is the way your child learns best.  Repetition also provides children with a sense of security and predictability, setting the stage for optimal learning.  Kindermusik takes full advantage of a learning environment that capitalizes on the comfort of repetition, […]