FOL Fridays: Steady Beat

Steady beat isn’t just for music classes. Children move to the beat with their bodies instinctively, but learning to control those movements, and to follow—or create—a steady beat with instruments or body movements such as walking, clapping, patting, tapping, or stomping, is an essential component of a child’s early development. Idea:  There are a many ways […]

FOL Fridays: Movement and Body Control

During movement activities, children learn to organize the available space in relation to themselves and in relationship to objects and other individuals… this is how they develop body control, spatial awareness, and confidence in the power and ability of their own bodies.  (Linda Carol Edwards, The Creative Arts) TIP:  Turn on some dancing music and dance […]

All about the beat

In all Kindermusik classes, there is always emphasis on hearing, feeling, moving, and even “seeing” a steady beat. It may seem very elementary, but it is essentially the cornerstone of music. More importantly, steady beat plays a huge importance in our speech, movement, thoughts and verbal organisation. From a baby’s first hesitant steps, he slowly […]

Meet a Kindermusik educator: Aimee Carter

Name: Aimee Carter Location: Brandon, Florida Studio name and link: Delightful Sounds Number of years you’ve taught Kindermusik: 7 Describe yourself in five words or less: Creative, fun, energetic, and silly Favorite Kindermusik song: The Morning Song, because I like coming up with crazy animal sounds for the unexpected, animal choices like manatees or […]