Sweetest Day

Posted October 16, 2009

Sweetest Day is Saturday, October 17.

What IS Sweetest Day, any way? It’s actually a really wonderful holiday that sadly, is often overlooked these days. Like many holidays, it was started for all of the best possible reasons. Back in 1922, Ohio philanthropist Herbert Birch Kingston established the holiday as a way to make sure that orphans, shut-ins, and the under-privileged were not forgotten. Kingston gave them candy and other small gifts in an effort to bring a little extra joy into their lives – not just because of the gifts, but mostly by being remembered.

Here in the Kindermusik educator community, certain of our peers are recognized for the way they celebrate "Sweetest Day" every class day of the year. These special educators are called "Maestros in Outreach." This is the official citation for this award:

Kindermusik International recognizes that many Educators make considerable efforts each year to reach underserved populations of children—those with physical, emotional, or economic challenges in their lives. These Kindermusik Educators silently, tirelessly, and often without payment or recognition share their gifts and talents for the benefit of the children and families in their communities. With Maestros in Outreach, Kindermusik seeks to recognize and give thanks to these Educators.

As we encourage you to find your own unique way to celebrate "Sweetest Day" on October 17, it is our honor and privilege to pay special tribute to these 2009-10 "Maestros in Outreach":

Aimee Carter
Helen Peterson
Shawna Gordon
Sherry Grimsby
Anne Clark
Robin Millar
Catherine Mullins
Vicki Harris
Julie Stewart
Brenda Haynes
Nancy Hehemann
Shanna DeCola
Rina Barnard
Elmarli Saayman
Elrika van der Merwe
Belinda Potgieter
Desiree Wiggill

Source of history of this article: http://www.holidayinsights.com/moreholidays/october.htm

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