Photo Series: Snapshots that completely capture what’s going on in music class

Music makes memories—and conjures them up, too. Think about it. How many of us instantly transform back into a 16 year old when we hear our favorite song from that time period? Or maybe your musical memories include family road trips, your first concert, or the lullaby playlist you put together when your first child entered the world. Regardless of the soundtrack to your memories, we can all agree that music connects us to our past…and imbeds current experiences firmly in our hearts.

Here are a few snapshots of memories in the making through music.

Kindermusik 4 Kindermusik 5 Kindermusik 6 Kindermusik 7 Kindermusik 8 Kindermusik 9 Kindermusik 10 Kindermusik 11 Kindermusik 12 Kindermusik 13 Kindermusik 14 Kindermusik 15 Kindermusik 16 Kindermusik 17 Kindermusik 18 Kindermusik 19 Kindermusik 20 Kindermusik 21 Kindermusik 22 Kindermusik 23 Kindermusik 24 Kindermusik 26 Kindermusik Class 1 Kindermusik Class 2 Kindermusik Class 3 Kindermusik Class 25

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