The Box vs. The Toy that Came In It: Why the Box Wins

How often does this scene play out in your home? You get that toy your little one has been eyeing for the past two months - you know the one. Every time the commercial popped up on the TV everything stopped. "Mommy! Daddy! That's it!! That's it!!" It seemed like a great choice. Well reviewed. [...]

Educator Spotlight: Katherine Knight

As a licensed Kindermusik educator for nearly 14 years now, Katherine Knight is a rising star in the Kindermusik studio owner community. We admire her not only for her vision, her business savvy, and her creativity in the classroom, but also for her determination, courage, and never-quit attitude. She has a heart for others, demonstrated [...]

STORY TIME! Reading to Kids the Right Way

I'm willing to bet that if you read this blog, you take time to read to your kids. I'll also guess that this time is special, enjoyed by both you and your kids. Perhaps before bedtime, you break out a favorite book, worn from multiple readings, and share a laugh or two. We can use [...]

Book Review: Pete the Cat – I Love my White Shoes

We love children's books. Also - and this should be no surprise - we love children's books that get people singing. Oh! One more thing! If that children's book teaches some really fantastic aspect of childhood development, well, that's a home run. Dr. Boyle takes a peek at Pete the Cat - I Love my White [...]

4 Musical Ways to Help Keep Those New Year’s Resolutions

Happy New Year from your friends at Kindermusik! We're always looking for ways to incorporate music into daily life because, let's face it - music makes everything better! Our last post talked about musical resolutions for 2017. In this post, we'll explore four ways to use music to help keep some of the most common [...]