School Readiness Begins at Birth

Getting your baby ready for school???  Sounds like that’s rushing things.  And that’s the last thing any of us want… to rush those precious early years and lose out on those wonderful opportunities for bonding, learning, and making memories.  The window of learning does open early, and it is open the widest during the first […]

Scientists Call Music “The Social Glue that Bonds People”

It seems as if we all march to the same beat even if we play different drums. According to new research, music from around the world tend to share common features, including a strong rhythm that enable coordination in social settings and encourage group bonding. The research team from the University of Exeter analyzed the recordings […]

How a Violin Teaches Kids to Read

Matching sounds to a visual image is an extremely important early literacy skill. It is, in fact, the precursor skill to the alphabetic principle, or the understanding that there is a relationship between letters and sounds. Before children can explore letter-sound relationships and learn to decode words, they must first understand the connection between a […]

Guest Post: Seven Years of Kindermusik

This post originally appeared on the blog:  It took me a while to write this post — partly because June was quite the busy month, and also because I get emotional just thinking about it.  We’ve reached another milestone in Sam’s childhood — the end of Kindermusik.  sniff! It has been seven years after all (give or […]

Why Your Child Needs Routines and Rituals

Routine.  Ritual.  Often the words are used interchangeably, but they have slightly different nuances.  Routines are every day.  More commonplace.  Things we do at the same time in the same way.  Rituals are special and meaningful, memory builders, if you will.  They have purpose and are carried out with intentionality.  Your child needs and thrives […]