Music in our Lives: Imagine a World without It

Have you ever stopped to think about what our everyday lives would be like without music? Try it: no music at all. I’m going to walk you through a world devoid of music. In the end, I’m going to ask you a few questions that will hopefully get you thinking. Grab a cup of coffee. [...]

What Does It Take? Becoming a Kindermusik Educator

It’s been over 20 years since I started my Kindermusik journey with my first Kindermusik training.  But I still remind myself often of what it takes to become – and to be! – a Kindermusik educator.  Here are a few of my favorite characteristics of a Kindermusik teacher: A song in your heart. You can’t inspire [...]

No Surprise: With Music Involvement, You Do Better at Learning

We know this, but it’s always nice when we find folks who spread the word: kids involved with music are better learners.   Geoff Johnson’s fascinating article also cites Dr. Gottfried Schlaug, a renowned expert on music, neuroimaging and brain plasticity at Harvard Medical School.  “Listening to and making music,” he says, “is not only [...]

Who Knew? Kindermusik Changes Lives in Jordan

Recently, Kindermusik Educators Christa Beck, Jessica Hanson, Leslie Edwards, and Rosalind Cross traveled to Jordan to share their music with 40 kids and their parents. Christa shares the experience with us here at Minds on Music. Who knew they'd change lives? Well...we did! Who knew...four Kindermusik educators from three states, Jessica Hanson and Leslie Edwards from Wisconsin, Rosalind [...]

Educator Spotlight: Carol Stringham

Joy. Connection. Family. Growth. Heart. These are the values embodied by Carol Stringham and her lovely team at Song of the Heart Studios in Salt Lake City, Utah. Song of the Heart Studios was established in 1998 by Carol Stringham. Since then, her studio has grown to include over 350 students with a team of [...]