ADHD – An Adult Perspective on the Journey

According to a 2011 report from the Center for Disease Control, the rate of ADHD diagnoses was 11% in children ages 4 to 17. When I was that age the diagnosis rate was about 3% - 5%. If you want to do the math, I’m 43. Recommendations on how to treat the disorder have changed [...]

Educator Spotlight: Shirley Boening

Theresa Case interviews Shirley Boening, Kindermusik Educator from College Station, Texas. TC: How long have you been teaching Kindermusik? SB: We first opened our business in 1989, so it’s been 27 years this past May that I’ve been running my Kindermusik business and teaching. TC: What do your Kindermusik kids call you? SB: Mrs. Shirley [...]

Meet Julie Zimmer – Kindermusik Mom

Julie is a busy mom of three adorable kids - Elena, age 6; Luc, age 3, and Gia, age 1. They call Greenville, South Carolina home. Let's learn a little bit about this Kindermusik Mom... TC: Tell me a little about your own musical background. JZ: I took piano lessons at the age of 5 [...]

Square Peg in a Square Hole: Music in the Preschool Experience – A Natural Fit

It fits; it really fits. In fact, there’s no better fit in the preschool years or for a preschool curriculum than music and music classes. Here are a few reasons why. Introducing children to abstract musical concepts will also develop their abstract thinking skills, expressive speaking, and creative expression. Learning musical terminology significantly expands a [...]

Four on the 4th: Four Ways Early Music Classes Prepare Your Child for School… and for Life

We’re pretty sure we could have listed forty-four ways early childhood music classes prepare your child for school and for life, but we don’t want to make your eyes glaze over. After all, this is a blog post, not a doctoral thesis. Plus, “Four on the 4th” just sounded we’ll just point out four [...]