What Kids Need

Last month, I wrote an article on what kids want that featured a commercial from an Australian food company. It beautifully demonstrated the importance of quality time vs. quantity of time between parents and kids. As it turns out, kids crave time that involves meaningful interaction, such as mealtime. During a meal you make eye contact, [...]

Self Awareness and the Dragon: A Parenting Fairytale

When our sons were young (age 4), they memorized a very simple, two-part definition of self-awareness. Here is it: 1. Always know what’s going on around you. and… 2. Always know how my choices affect other people. Our boys, considering their surroundings, about to make good choices...hopefully   The idea was that they would hear [...]

Leaping for Leap Day!

Happy Leap Day! Considering the special nature of this day, we thought it might be fun to present a collection of activities involving leaping and a little Leap Day/Leap Year. National Wildlife Federation Some fun outdoor activities for the day - or any day, actually! Be creative. Anything can be adapted and adjusted. Modern Mom [...]

Educator Spotlight: Christa Beck

Maestro Educator Christa Beck loves what she does. That love is evident in the smiles of the children and parents she serves in her studio. Theresa Case interviewed this successful teacher so that we might get to know Christa a bit more. Christa Beck has been changing lives as a Kindermusik Educator for 15 years. [...]

Universal Language: Music Therapy

Prof. Laurie Fox, Board Certified Music Therapist, takes us on a brief journey, and explains her field along the way.  It’s been said that, “music is a universal language.” And while I would amend that to, “music is universal”, nonetheless, I must concede that music is a communicator, a connector of persons with diverse backgrounds. [...]