“Music and Literacy” in Encyclopaedia Britannica

File:Encyclopædia Britannica logo.jpg Britannica now has an entry for "music and literacy"! The entry begins somewhat disappointingly, proposing music as merely a handy tool to teach reading, but be sure to scroll past the advertisements to get into the more interesting music-related research. I think those who have seen Kindermusik in action would be able to do more with the music and literacy connection than they have here. Still – it's a start!

"It is widely believed that music learning, music reading, and music participation enhance academic achievement, especially reading and math (Tucker, 1981). Regardless of the method of literacy instruction, there is a growing body of literature that supports specific music experiences and activities to teach and practice essential literacy learning components. Previously noted abilities involving print–such as book handling, concepts of print, sense of story and sequence, printed letter and symbol recognition, basic spelling patterns, and early writing activities–are easily incorporated in and paired with music experiences."

Read the entire entry here: http://www.britannica.com/bps/additionalcontent/18/33912067/Music-and-Literacy.



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