Kindermusik – A Family Affair

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]A class for kids that’s really an experience for the whole family? Actually, yes! That’s the perfect description of Kindermusik, and one of the happy discoveries for so many families who enroll in Kindermusik.

But how exactly does a music class for kids become something that includes, engages, and supports the whole family? We love how this happens, beautifully and organically, but also inclusively and mindfully.



From rocking with baby in your arms to cuddles with your toddler or a circle dance with your big kid, Kindermusik invites families to bond together through happy exploration, creative interaction, and shared musical experiences. And because Home Materials are a part of every Kindermusik enrollment, families have the resources and the music to repeat and revel in these same precious, musical moments together at home all through the week as well.


Kindermusik simply and naturally supports and nurtures each individual child and family through shared activities in class as well as musical learning and engagement at home. The connection through music and learning happens so spontaneously, because the curriculum and the experience have been so carefully planned in advance. Kindermusik Home Materials foster the exploration and joy of music at home, with activities and scaffolding for both adult and child.


At the heart of Kindermusik is the family interaction – bringing families together through music both in and out of class. Class activities, communication, and tools and resources for home have all been intentionally designed to include children and their adults, from the adult-child classes in the earliest years to Sharing Time in the preschool classes to “Music at Home” activities for the older kids. Children learn best when they feel emotionally secure and supported, surrounded by adults who love and take interest in them.


We probably should have said “heartfully” instead of mindfully. It is both minds and hearts that become engaged and intertwined in the incredible experience that is the essence of Kindermusik. Over and over and over again, we have seen how being in Kindermusik helps make parenting a little easier and a whole lot more musical, helping you cherish these fleeting early years of childhood and store away treasured memories of smiles, cuddles, dances, and songs.

Connecting families is at the heart of what makes Kindermusik so special and so life-altering. In Kindermusik classes, the careful observer will see happy children gently supported by their loving adults in a musical environment designed to nourish little hearts, stimulate growing minds, and support strong family ties. There’s nothing quite like the way that music bonds us as humans, and nothing quite like the way that Kindermusik brings children and families together.

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Shared by Theresa Case who has loved bringing children and families together for over 20 years now in her award-winning Kindermusik program at Piano Central Studios in beautiful upstate South Carolina[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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