How Music Class Helps Parents Nurture a Child’s Development

A Baby's Brain Needs Love to Develop

Turns out that nature does need a little nurturing after all, especially when it comes to the development of the brain.  The “Philadelphia study,” as it’s been called, was the first to establish a clear connection between childhood experience and how the brain develops.

Despite coming prewired with mind-boggling capacities, the brain depends heavily on environmental input to wire itself further. Scientists are now discovering precisely how that development is molded by the interplay between nature and nurture.

In the early years, much of the “environmental input” that’s so critical for brain development is directly facilitated by a child’s parents and the kind of interactions and experiences they provide for a child.  That’s why Kindermusik has always asserted that parents are a child’s first, and best, teacher.  One of the best kinds of early experiences a parent can provide is in a music class, especially one that offers a rich, multi-sensory and developmentally appropriate experience, supported by Home Materials that take the joy, learning, and bonding into the home and throughout the week in between classes.

Five ways a music class like Kindermusik helps parents nurture a child’s development

  • A music class gives parents the time and inspiration for the kind of one-on-one attention and nurturing that can result in higher IQs.
  • A music class helps parents give their child an opportunity for social development in a warm and welcoming environment.
  • A music class strengthens emotional bonds through lots of cuddling, dancing, loving touch, and playful connection.
  • A music class encourages language development through singing, rhyming, vocal play, and conversation.
  • A music class supplies parents with ideas and resources for play and together time at home.

The more scientists find out about how children acquire the capacity for language, numbers, and emotional understanding during this period, the more they realize that the baby brain is an incredible learning machine. Its future—to a great extent—is in our hands.

Find a local Kindermusik class and experience firsthand how music classes can support your parenting and your child’s development.

*Quotes taken from this National Geographic article.

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