Happy World Read Aloud Day!

WorldReadAloudDayIt’s World Read Aloud Day.

Presented by LitWorld.org, this day represents a global literacy movement to show the world that the right to read and write belongs to all people. Of course, we think the best way to celebrate is to read a book out loud with children like this Kindermusik mom and daughter.



The Educational Benefits of Reading Aloud to Children

In many homes around the world, this scene of a parent and child sharing the joy of reading together repeats itself over and over again—and children love it! In fact, the latest Kids & Family Reading Report from Scholastic, shows that when it comes to being read aloud to at home, more than eight in 10 children (83%) across age groups say they love(d) or like(d) it a lot—the main reason being it was a special time with parents.

In addition to bonding, reading aloud holds other benefits, whether reading aloud with a parent, teacher, or other caregiver. Reading aloud increases a child’s print awareness, teaches them the cadence of language, boosts vocabulary, and expands a little one’s understanding of the world. It’s no wonder one of our favorite children’s authors, Kate DiCamillo said: “Reading should not be presented to children as a chore or duty. It should be offered to them as a precious gift.”

3 Quick Kindermusik Tips for Reading Out Loud

  1. Read children’s books YOU love. One of the ways children learn to love reading is when the adults in their lives model that love!
  2. Encourage movement by imitating what you read. A child who moves around during story time is still gaining the benefits of reading. Plus, “jumping” when a character jumps or “reaching up high” to pluck an apple from a tree gives children a greater sense of the vocabulary words.
  3. Use funny voices and speak animatedly. This makes it fun for both the reader and the listener!

Watch how this Kindermusik educator puts those tips into action.


Looking for more ideas on supporting a young child’s early literacy development? Visit a Kindermusik class to experience the connections between music and reading!

Contributed by Lisa Camino Rowell, a freelance writer in the Atlanta area.

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