Environmental Debates

Here’s some KI Green food for thought: Monday was the first U.S. presidential debate since 1988, when global climate change was first addressed in a presidential debate, to make no explicit mention of the global climate issue. Despite the fact that President Obama calls global warming the “biggest problem this generation faces,” and Romney acknowledges (albeit indirectly) the scope, calling it “global warming,” not “America warming.” The silence left our ears burning. That being said, it was clear that the environment was the backbone for nearly every foreign policy-related topic discussed. This proved the highly interdisciplinary nature of environmental issues—whether they are addressed through auto industry overhauls, foreign policy in Iran, tighter regulation of the Food and Drug Administration, or by achieving Romney’s idyllic “energy independence” to ensure national security. The environment was the major player in every topic of the presidential debates.

Learn more about the U.S. presidential election’s environmental, economic, and energy issues here!

What does this mean for KI Green?

Kindermusik Green - SustainabilityIt means that, in order to stay relevant as environmental activists, we need to provide news that impacts our readers’ daily lives. We need to show real life connections between what happens on page 6 of the New York Times, and how that manifests in our community.

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