Brain Rules for Baby: Safety = Learning


Sometimes we get so focused on baby brain development that we forget about baby survival.

Yep, the brain’s first instinct is to survive (think feeding, seeking warmth, etc.). Once that critical element is in place, the brain is free to learn. And that’s when the magic happens.

In Brain Rules for Baby: How to Raise a Smart and Happy Child from Zero to Five, Dr. John Medina reviews these little overlooked steps in early childhood development that help parents foster big assets like creativity.

Medina’s proposition, that the fundamental job of the baby’s brain is not to learn, but to survive, is exactly why our lower level Kindermusik classes are designed for both little ones and parents and caregivers. Not only is bonding extremely important in the early years, it’s a key part of how your little one learns and creates.

Our fundamental job as parents and teachers is not so much to provide a steady stream of baby educational videos, flashcards, or early childhood music lessons. It is to provide an environment of safety where learning can happen. When the brain feels safe, neurons are free to complete thousands of critical connections….but not until!

Things that Affect Children’s Safety Levels


From the birth canal, babies are looking for attachments, their brains acutely attentive to the care being received. If essential needs are being met and healthy bonding (lots of touch and “face” time!) is occurring, there is a positive outcome.

Stress levels

A stressful environment (angry or emotionally violent) signals to baby a lack of safety. Dr. Medina does a fantastic job of pinpointing and addressing prenatal stress and conflict. He provides solid insights to bring about change to both areas.

How Classes Can Create A Safe Place to Learn

In our Kindermusik classes, our first and primary goal is to signal “this is a safe environment” to all children. From the welcome song where children are recognized as valued individuals, to the snuggle time where we turn back to receive the gentle care of a loved one, we sing and dance and snuggle our way to a place where learning can thrive, and happy neurons connect at an alarming rate!

Interested in fostering a safe learning and bonding environment for your little one? Join us for a Kindermusik class! Find a virtual or in-person session near you.

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