Book Review

Book Review: Triangle

If you had a chance to watch The Beginning of Life, or if you spend any time at all with young kids, you know that children have a tendency to anthropomorphize everything and anything. There's an adorable scene in The Beginning of Life in which a little girl has a sweet conversation with a plant. [...]

Kindermusik Reviews: Cutie Sue and the Darkness

“She feared almost nothing except for one thing: She hated the nights and the darkness they’d bring.”Cutie Sue and the Darkness You know you have a winning combination in a bedtime story that’s as adorable as it is relatable.  Kids and parents alike understand what it’s like to be afraid of the dark.  And this [...]

Book Review – The Secret Life of Squirrels: A Love Story

Nancy Rose is likely Canada's most patient photographer. She's also rather creative. In The Secret Life of Squirrels - A Love Story, Rose uses her skill with the camera, custom created miniature set pieces, and the natural curiosity of these adorable fur balls to tell a story that will bring a smile to kids and [...]

Book Review: Pete the Cat – I Love my White Shoes

We love children's books. Also - and this should be no surprise - we love children's books that get people singing. Oh! One more thing! If that children's book teaches some really fantastic aspect of childhood development, well, that's a home run. Dr. Boyle takes a peek at Pete the Cat - I Love my White [...]

Kindermusik Reviews: The Book With No Pictures

Many of us know B. J. Novak from the hit mockumentary comedy show, The Office. He played Ryan the temp, a character that had quite a rise and fall over the course of the series. A year after The Office ended, Novak stretched his literary wings with The Book With No Pictures, a children's book devoid of, [...]