A life changed through music

As you may know, ABC Music & Me is a Kindermusik curriculum that was developed to be used in preschools and group child care settings. We knew it was special, we knew it was good, and we knew it would allow us to reach out to so many more children—but I’m not sure any of us were quite prepared for the power of what was to come!

Every week, with joy, our “ABC team” receives calls and letters from parents and teachers who are quite simply bursting to tell us about the incredible impact ABC has had on their children and students, including so many who are at-risk or who have physical impairments or developmental delays. We never forget: music is magic, reaching out to every single child!

Here is a quick peek into our ABC Mail Bag. It’s the story of Ethan, from a letter from his mom:

My 4-year-old son, Ethan, has a mild form of autism and has been diagnosed with developmental delays, speech delays, and low muscle tone. It’s hard for him to run, bounce, and sometimes even walk. Even something as simple as sitting in circle time is hard. He struggles to sit and do schoolwork all day; he really needs a physical release.

We love ABC Music & Me because it’s so easy to use, it helps Ethan develop, and it lets us get involved at home. We listen to the CD at home and around town in the car, we have fun and get lots of ideas, and it gives us different ways to work on his speech, social, and OT issues, too. It’s so nice to get to use something at home that he truly enjoys!

In class, Ethan gets to play instruments and refine his motor skills. The scarf activities have been some of his favorites. At school, Ethan goes straight from music class to work on speech and reading, and his teachers tell me that he has been improving ever since ABC started! It’s such a confidence-builder for him to have his learning carry over to other parts of his day! He may not be able to do everything the rest of the students can do, but he CAN do this.

The program has been so good for Ethan. Music is a common thread for him. It helps him truly grasp what is going on. Some children may not be able to communicate their emotions, but through music, they can express themselves.
–Lisa Clifford, Ethan’s mom

For more information about the amazing impact Kindermusik’s ABC Music & Me curriculum is having in public school classrooms, visit www.abcmusicandme.com.

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