6 Signs You Have a Kindermusik Kid

Does your child have the fever? Not the kind of fever that calls for a doctor visit, but the kind of fever where the only prescription is more cowbell Kindermusik. A Kindermusik Kid can be easy to spot. They tend to sing and dance throughout the day—in bed, in the car, at the grocery story, in the library. (Inside voices, please.)  And, yes, it can be highly contagious. Watch out for these symptoms to see if your child just might be turning into a Kindermusik Kid.

 6 Signs You Have a Kindermusik Kid

  1. Your child sings the “Hello” song to friends, family, stuffed animals, and even the cat. (And, no, the cat does not appreciate it.)


  1. After class, your child falls asleep before you even finish buckling the car seat. All that dancing, singing, playing (and learning to share) instruments, friend-making, and laughing can exhaust even the most spirited child out.

asleep carseat

  1. Your child uses a laundry basket as a toaster, wagon, washing machine, and a dance floor.

[youtube] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZOUfLiFzU7E[/youtube]

  1. Everything becomes a musical instrument: pencils, water bottles, cereal boxes, and even coffee canisters.

make a homemade drum

  1. Your child throws impromptu concerts. All. The. Time.


  1. Your little one loves to listen to all types of music like classical, jazz, African drumming, Native American flutes, traditional Jewish folk songs….and with lyrics in different languages: English, French, Hebrew, Spanish etc.
(Source: Milesdavis.com)
(Source: Milesdavis.com)


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Contributed by Lisa Camino Rowell, a freelance writer in the Atlanta area, who lives with her own two Kindermusik kids.

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