12 Fun Ways to Use Music to Inspire Learning in the Summer

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]We’re excited that we can let you in on the secret.  Your secret resource is music!  You could even think of music as your secret super power
Well, maybe that wasn’t such a surprise, but here are some ideas for utilizing music as your secret super power – your way to banish boredom and inspire learning.

12 Fun Ways to Use Music to Inspire Learning in the Summer

1. Read together. 
There’s a strong connection between the skills required for reading books and reading music, and you can enhance both reading literacy and music literacy by reading with your child.  It’s a great way to sneak in some calming snuggle time too!
2. Take a listening walk.
Listening is a huge part of music and music appreciation.  And there’s nothing like a listening walk to captivate your child’s imagination, hone their listening skills, and develop an appreciation for the world around us.  (By the way, we highly recommend the book for children by Paul Showers called The Listening Walk.)
3. Turn on some gentle music and blow bubbles.
Blowing bubbles is one of the cheapest forms of childhood entertainment, and you can even sneak in some music appreciation benefit by playing some classical music during the activity. We suggest selections by J.S. Bach or Mozart.  By the way, a bubble wand with more than one hole is the secret to a better bubble-blowing experience.
4. Color to music with sidewalk chalk.
Want a no-mess activity that also gets your child’s creative juices flowing?  Give your child some sidewalk chalk and offer the canvas of your driveway.  Add a variety of music for fresh inspiration and enjoy watching your little artist go to work.
5. Use painter’s tape to create roads and movement pathways.
Hum along as you drive small cars around tape-defined roads or dance and move around paths marked by painter’s tape. The fun will be in deciding where to put the tape down, and the learning comes as you sing and label with movement words.
6. Use a hula hoop as a prop for dancing.
Hula hoops are great for helping children develop spatial awareness and refine large motor skills.  The joy comes in exploring all the different ways to dance with, around, and through the hoop!
7. Make a homemade instrument… or two!
Here are ideas for a coffee can drum, tubular bells, cardboard guitar, simple shakers, homemade maracas, and castanets.
8. Start your own marching band. 
Grab your homemade instrument, turn on some marching music, and have a parade through the house… and back around again!
9. Make your own musical water classes.
What a great way to learn about what makes a high sound and what makes a low sound!  A delightful experiment in sound, logic, and listening skills.
10. Play a Musical Alphabet Chairs Game.
This is a fun educational twist on a classic childhood game that combines moving, listening to music, stopping on cue, and identifying letters of the alphabet.  Perfect for when it’s too hot or yucky to be outside!
11. Dance like nobody’s watching!
Put on some homemade ankle bells and dance, dance, dance!  This is a great activity for indoors or outdoors.  You can even help your child experiment with different kinds of music for all kinds of creative movement ideas.  (Tip for the ankle bells:  If you don’t crochet, simply cut of the top of an old pair of socks and sew the bells on them.)

Not only will you have the weekly class to look forward to, but you’ll have Home Materials to use and enjoy throughout the week, including lots of great music to listen, sing along, and dance around to!  Find a class nearby.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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