Baby’s Got the Beat! How to Add Rhythm to Your Daily Routine

You don't have to be a children's music teacher to use Kindermusik.

Babies are exposed to sounds during pregnancy. At birth, their sense of hearing is completely developed and their brains are programmed to find patterns, making their first year the best time to start exposing babies to music. Kindermusik’s curricula makes it fun and easy to teach music to babies and young children, and has the best educational activities for babies.

Steady beat is the foundation of all music (and language)! Babies first experience steady beat in the womb–listening to their mother’s heartbeat and feeling the rhythm of her steps. Kindermusik activities are carefully designed for a child to experience steady beat using multiple senses:

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Professional Development for all "Seasons" of Your Music Teaching Career


Theresa Case teaches KindermusikOne of the things that sets Kindermusik educators apart is the requirement to not only be trained to teach our world-class curricula, but also the requirement to maintain and improve through professional development.  No matter what “season” you are in with your current or potential Kindermusik career, Kindermusik International offers professional development that’s just what you need when you need it.

When you’re just starting out as a new Kindermusik educator

After a vocal review, the professional development for new Kindermusik educators begins with a rich, in-depth online training course that helps prepare the new educator for everything from learning about each Kindermusik curriculum level to positive classroom management techniques to successful business processes.  Under the care and guidance of an experienced Kindermusik mentor, new educators are rewarded with their official Kindermusik license upon completing all of the training requirements.

Once you’ve been teaching Kindermusik for awhile

Just like the good beginning that Kindermusik gives to young children never ends, Kindermusik educators recognize that the journey towards masterful teaching never really ends.  Kindermusik International works to provide that additional professional development through Virtual Conferences, recorded webinars, and suggestions for other related training opportunities outside of the Kindermusik community.

When you need a shot in the arm

It happens to the best of us.  Because educators give so much of themselves in their classrooms and in the businesses, burnout can start to set in.  And when it does, Kindermusik is right there to support and encourage through face-to-face local meetings sponsored by the Partnership of Kindermusik Educators (PKE), recorded webinars, and other regular training and connection opportunities.

If you’re teaching for someone else

Kindermusik_SoundtrackForAnySeason_web-250x250-250x250Best of all, Kindermusik training is not just for the Kindermusik business owner – it’s for those teachers who are the backbone of that Kindermusik business owner’s program.  For Kindermusik educators who teach for someone else, there are training topics about classroom management, pedagogy techniques, child development, relationship-building, and more.

When you’re ready for a change

Teaching Kindermusik is a wonderful choice for teachers, music educators, music therapists, or moms who are looking for something different – and a way to make a difference through music in the lives of children and their families.  Kindermusik International provides plenty of helpful tools and lots of friendly guidance to help you make the best choice.
So, whether you are a prospective, newly licensed, or experienced Kindermusik educator, Kindermusik International is right there with you to support and encourage your professional development and personal growth – no matter what “season” you’re in.
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