“Music is a balm, use it liberally to calm your selves, to connect with your babies, to feel safe and grounded.”

The following email was recently written by Kindermusik Educator Helen Peterson to her Kindermusik families. Her work to help underserved children in the Minneapolis community was recognized with the first Inspiring Kindermusik Educator of the Year Award. Her love for children is as inspiring as her smile, and we’re grateful to share her words with you.

It is with such a heavy heart I write tonight, after 3 days of thinking, reading, listening, trying to sort out the tragedy that befell the families of Newtown Connecticut. It is of course impossible to sort, I am sure everyone has held their babies tight, have had rushes of intense love and gratitude followed by flashes of fear and breathlessness considering the unimaginable.

My hope is that Kindermusik, the joy and bonding, the sparkle that happens here, will be a safe harbor when you feel anxious. Music is a balm, use it liberally to calm your selves, to connect with your babies, to feel safe and grounded.

Connections between very young children and their parent are so profound and strong. We know, what you feel as a parent, becomes your child’s emotion in no time at all. Outrage, heartbreak and compassion is pouring out of us, in the wake of this unimaginable act.

Remember to take care of yourselves by being in conversation with other adults, and help those you know who may be struggling.

Images are everywhere, visuals on the television in news promotions during children’s programming, auditory on the radio, in grown up conversations that children always hear. As much as possible shield them.

There is nothing like scooping up a child for a dance around the house, a clean up song, a bathtub tune, a goodnight lullaby to bring equilibrium to lighten our heavy hearts.

Here is a resource you will find helpful in talking to children about tragedy.

I know that I am grateful everyday for the JOY, LOVE and BEAUTY that I experience and witness when we are together making music and making memories.