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Music Therapy: Music as Medicine

Music Therapy - it's been around for some time...let's say as long as we've had music. As a credentialed profession, it's still relatively new. The first program to award a degree in music therapy began at Michigan State University in 1944. The American Music Therapy Association came into being in 1998. To many, the profession [...]

Music Therapy for Babies

What has been one of the most effective treatments for babies born prematurely? You guessed it – music! In fact, Shanghai’s Children’s Hospital of Fudan University regularly uses music therapy “…to help premature babies to speed up nerve cell repairing and development...“, more proof of the power of music to activate and enhance brain activity [...]

Universal Language: Music Therapy

Prof. Laurie Fox, Board Certified Music Therapist, takes us on a brief journey, and explains her field along the way.  It’s been said that, “music is a universal language.” And while I would amend that to, “music is universal”, nonetheless, I must concede that music is a communicator, a connector of persons with diverse backgrounds. [...]

Music therapy and early childhood special education

With more than 30 years experience of using music to reach children of all abilities, we experience every day the profound impact of music, including how music can be used in early childhood special education. Last year NPR’s Talk of the Nation featured a discussion with licensed music therapists who use music to treat stress […]

Meet Luke. You’ll be glad you did.

The following post was graciously shared with Minds on Music from Studio3Music. We all agree: it’s what Kindermusik is all about! This arrived in my inbox the other day from one of our Kindermusik moms, Melissa. I read it, and by the middle of the email, I had tears streaming down my face. I have […]