music and movement benefits

Sing and Dance that Stress Away

Stress. We all deal with it from time to time....and friends, so do our kids. Don't forget - we have a lifetime of experience in managing stress - and even then we can have a hard time with it. Our kids deal with stress, too...and they are stress novices. It's up to us to help [...]

Music & Movement Benefits: The Color of Music

Ever heard of a dulcimer, a didgeridoo, or a dun dun?  Our Kindermusik students have!  By exploring a variety of instruments, the children hear, see, and experience a variety of sounds – scratchy sounds, booming drum sounds, ringing sounds, trickling sounds, and more.  And not just on Uncommon Instrument Awareness Day (which happens to be […]

Music & Movement Benefits: Reading with Babies

“You may have tangible wealth untold: caskets of jewels and coffers of gold.  Richer than I you can never be… I had a mother read to me.”  – Strickland Gillilan, The Reading Mother Reading aloud to a child is the most powerful way to prepare her for success in reading.  .  In her book, Reading […]

Music and Movement Benefits: The Power of the Vestibular System

“The vestibular system controls the sense of movement and balance.  From birth to about 15 months, the vestibular system is very active as the child gains a sense of gravity and knowledge of the physical environment through movement.  Rocking, swaying, and movement which rotates the head stimulates the vestibular system, stimulating the brain for new […]

Music and Movement Benefits: What’s Your Tempo?

What is TEMPO you ask?  Simply put, tempo is the speed of the music. Fast, slow, and everything in-between! But why is TEMPO so important? There is a tempo in every sport your child will play, in every speech, every talk, every meeting your child will hold, and of course, in music.  Here’s where being […]