Alex and Music’s Magic: A Kindermusik Story

Mark and Kim Elicker and their son Ethan were a wonderful family, but they all had so much more love to give. About six years ago they traveled to China to adopt two year old Alex. This is his story - a story of endless love and musical magic. Kindermusik for Ethan Before Alex came [...]

Love and Music: A Magical Connection

"It is the special province of music to move the heart."Johann Sebastian Bach I've said it before: music is magic. It's the strangest thing...something you can't physically touch can have such a tremendous impact on your emotional state. And it's pervasive. Marketing folks and film producers know this magic. They effectively use music to tug [...]

I love it when a plan comes together

So for months now we have had Kindermusik classes.  And many of my families have been together all that time, so they have become family to each other.  Just the other day, a magical moment happened in class. We have been working on building this “family” community by having a gathering time at the beginning […]