What to Do When It’s a Rough Day in Kindermusik

Baby crying

Although it is not any more difficult to be a Kindermusik parent than it is to just be a parent, sometimes things happen in class that make it difficult to be a parent in Kindermusik class. So what to do when your child runs around, gets extra clingy, or acts out?

First, just find your breath for second. Nothing will get worse in the time it takes you to pause, and everything stands to get better for your having done it.

Next, realize that most parents are not judging you, and neither is your Kindermusik teacher. They are most likely feeling a great deal of empathy for you at the moment!  And even if they were judging, this isn’t about them. It’s about the fact that your child is either hungry, tired, or just plain trying to exercise some control over his or her world.

So here’s what to do.  Try engaging with your child at a level that is best at the moment.  You can also feel free to disengage for a minute by sitting away from the group or even stepping out in the lobby for a bit if necessary. Perhaps your little one is just a bit too over-stimulated and needs some calm and quiet. A snack and a drink out in the lobby may be all it takes to resurrect that happy little person you normally live with and enjoy in class.

If your child isn’t quite ready to relinquish an instrument or object, that’s okay. Give it a minute. Some kids need more time than others to transition. Once we’ve moved on to a different activity, most kids aren’t so interested in that particular instrument anymore and will be happy to put it where it goes.

It may be that your little one didn’t get enough sleep or is starting to get sick and just doesn’t feel well.  If you need to leave, send us an e-mail and we can reschedule!  We happily offer unlimited make-up classes.  [Note: Contact your local educator for options for rescheduling or makeup classes.]

And, finally, check out Becky Bailey’s work for additional discipline resources—there are lots of free ideas on her website.

Remember that it can take several time for your child to adjust to Kindermusik, whether it’s his first classes ever or she’s just getting used to being with back in the routine or with some new friends.  Kids are kids.  We wouldn’t have been in the business of Kindermusik for so many years now if we didn’t accept and love them just the same!

Connect with other parents who can relate to your parenting stage.  Visit a local Kindermusik class today!

Shared by Theresa Case who has an award-winning Kindermusik program at Piano Central Studios in the beautiful upstate of South Carolina.  This post first appeared on the Piano Central Studios blog.