12 Reasons to Give the Gift of Music

Is there a special baby, toddler, preschooler, or big kid on your Christmas list this year?  Maybe you’re a little stumped about what to give because of course, you want something meaningful, something enjoyable, and yes, even something they’ll love for a long time to come.  Something that even their adults would be thrilled about.  We’re happy to say that we have the perfect solution…

Kindermusik prepares your child for schoolGive the gift of music – Kindermusik, that is!

Here are our top 12 reasons why:

  1. You’ll save on wrapping paper and shipping costs.
  2. It’s one of the easiest gifts you can make.
  3. Kindermusik is movement, music, play, dancing, story time, and more – all rolled up in one great experience.
  4. Early childhood music classes enhance a child’s development in every area.
  5. Music makes kids smarter – the research proves it!
  6. Music classes, especially Kindermusik, inspire lots of together time and bonding.
  7. Young children need a social outlet too, just like their adults!
  8. Kindermusik is a place where children of all ages, all temperaments, and all learning styles can flourish.
  9. You’ll give that special little person in your life something to look forward to each week in class.
  10. The Kindermusik Home Materials will give parent and child something to do and enjoy at home in between classes.
  11. We promise, no re-gifting.  They’ll LOVE it!
  12. It’s a lasting, memorable gift that will put a song in their hearts and a smile on their faces.

For children ages newborn to 7 years, there’s no better musical gift you can give than Kindermusik.  Find your local Kindermusik educator today and get one more thing checked off your gift list!
P.S.  While you’re at it, check out some of our fabulous new baby music classes, including Cuddle & Bounce for newborns and 1s and Sing & Play for 1s and 2s.

Give Your Child the Gift of Music this Holiday!

Give Your Child The Gift of Music - Enroll Today in Kindermusik!
Looking for great kids gifts this holiday season?
Not sure what to get your child this year?
Does your niece or nephew have everything?
Does your mother in-law need a gift idea?
We have a perfect (and easy) solution for gifts for children ages newborn to seven…Kindermusik Gift Certificates!!!
The gift of a Kindermusik Music Class will be far more memorable than the latest toy or gadget. It is a gift that keeps on giving and memories last a lifetime! Certificates can be written by your local Kindermusik educator for any amount and never expire. They can be used towards any future class or materials cost.
To find a class near you, visit Kindermusik.com!
Or, if you’re just curious, try a free preview class with your little one today!
Happy Holidays!

Mozart Therapy

A recent article from Science Daily summarized some very interesting findings by the Tel Aviv Medical Center, namely that creating a musical environment for premature babies positively affected their ability to grow and thrive.  Preemies who were exposed to 30 minutes of music by Mozart expended less energy during that 30 minutes, thereby using fewer calories and allowing for greater weight gain.  Having a healthy body weight means that these babies have a stronger immune system and go home sooner.

“The TAU study is the first to quantify the effect of music, specifically Mozart, on newly born children. ‘Medical practitioners are aware that by changing the environment, we can create a whole new treatment paradigm for babies in neonatal care,’ says Dr. Mandel. ‘That’s our main goal — to improve their quality of life’.”

While the study is based on the controversial “Mozart effect” and researchers still aren’t clear on the long-term effects of Mozart’s music, one result is certain – music makes a difference.  Thousands of Kindermusik educators around the world can attest to that; we are privileged to see the wonderful effects of music on young children and their families week in and week out.  We especially love it when science confirms what we’ve known all along: one of the best gifts you can give your child is the gift of music.

Written by Theresa Case, Maestro Educator since 2000 and owner of Kindermusik at Piano Central Studios in Greenville, SC.