Children’s Book Review

Book Review: Your Hand in My Hand by Mark Sperring and Britta Teckentrup

Your Hand in My Hand is a sweet story of togetherness through the seasons that celebrates the simple moments and experiences that bond a child and their special grown-up even more closely – those times when life can truly be enjoyed at its fullest. “The world’s full of wonders. There’s so much to see. I’ll [...]

Book Review: Giraffes Can’t Dance

In this touching and triumphant rhyme of a story, we meet Gerald, a giraffe who sadly believes what the other animals have always told him - that giraffes can’t dance.  His legs are too long, his neck is too skinny, and his knees are too crooked. “Hey, look at clumsy Gerald,” the animals all sneered. [...]

Children’s Book Review: Music Is…

With its bright, colorful cover, Music Is..., wonderful board book, grabs your attention even before you even open it and read it. In many ways, it is a simple book with very few words on each page, but it is a wonderful teaching book – the perfect at-home library complement to the concepts children are learning and [...]