Recognizing Pitch = Positive Effects on Early Language Development

Music Benefits Early Childhood Development

At Kindermusik, we know music has positive effects on early childhood development and language acquisition.  And when there’s new research to prove it, we get more excited!

Language Development in Children

Music Benefits Early Childhood Development
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New research, reported this week in Science Daily suggests that babies who are able to recognize pitch could also detect language rules, even better than adults. Scientists found that “when it comes to extracting complex rules from spoken language, a three-month-old outperforms adult learners”.

By monitoring babies’ brain responses, scientists were able to determine that infants detected discrepancies with language rules just by hearing changes in syllables or pitch.

These findings not only help understand how children manage to learn language so quickly during early development, but also point to a strong link between very basic auditory skills and sophisticated rule learning abilities.”

So, next time you’re at Kindermusik class with your little one, think about all the different changes in pitch and tone your child is exposed to – this is actively supporting your child’s language development skills.

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