Autism Spectrum Disorder

Finding your Place in the Performing Arts

Some kids are naturals, born for the stage. You’ve seen them before. Little or no training and singing and dancing like pros. For some, performing does not come that easy, if they can do it all. I know a student that struggled to find his place not only in the music room, but in any [...]

Impact: Music and the Differently Abled

Over the past month we have touched on music’s role in enhancing the learning experience, its power to transform lives, and how it benefits social and cognitive development. Today, Dr. Boyle touches on music’s impact on children who are differently abled. I’m not above getting personal. I have mild dyslexia, which made reading difficult as [...]

After school curriculum for children with special needs

With a large number of dual-income families, the school day often extends to after school programs. However, for children with special needs, such as Autism Spectrum Disorder, the options for a quality after school program curriculum are limited. As published in the Journal of Child and Family Studies, Michelle Haney, PhD, highlighted the growing need […]