Benefits of Music for Whole-Child Development

Kindermusik Program In an International School

Kindermusik’s engaging, developmentally appropriate music classes offer thoughtfully integrated sequences of activities that set the stage for optimal, multi-sensory learning. Each lesson is designed to boost school readiness, nurture multiple areas of a child’s development, and tap into a variety of individual learning styles.

Music Matters

Kindermusik takes early music education to the next level. Our music-and-movement activities are carefully and creatively designed to enhance children’s cognitive, language, physical, creative, and social-emotional development. Plus, Kindermusik’s focus on different musical concepts, genres, and styles helps foster a lifelong love of and appreciation for the music itself.

Kindermusik Learning Domain Wheel

Promoting School Readiness and Development Across All Learning Domains

View how Kindermusik promotes school readiness and stimulates development across all learning domains.