Kindermusik by Sally Dancy

Faith UCC

Sing. Move. Bond. Grow. Here at KindermusikbySallyDancy DiscoveryMeadowStudio at Faith UCC location. You and your child will blossom in a sensory rich, relaxed 'no judgement' zone. This location is at a local church with a large inside class room, fenced play area, full facilities, plenty of parking. Join us as we change the world one song, one child, one day at a time. Centrally located in NewBraunfels, off of 46 & Common Street. Contact me anytime for map, directions, more information.

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Location is a church at the corner of Common Street and Loop N 337 also know as West 46. There is an entrance into the parking lot from both Common Street and 337 on either side of the TEXSTAR bank. Park in the lot between the church and the bank and enter the building with the address above the door. I will try to have signs at the road and door entrances.

Family centered small business striving to provide a safe, supportive, but flexible experience- for more info check out my website, please read payment information & policies carefully, and contact me personally for questions/concerns. Over my 20+ years of experience I have found the following basic policies help reduce confusion/misunderstandings....

*Registration is required for each session- rsvps for changes in class attendance.

*Small deposit required to hold a space in class. Full payment includes registration, tuition, & materials- nothing is hidden.

*Materials are a part of the curricula, needed for full developmental impact. Kindermusik Kits (vary depending on class/activity) and online access for home use are included. Once home kits are received & opened they cannot be returned unless there is a manufacture defect.

*Tuition adjustments May be available (when feasible) for extended emergencies/situations (must be requested ASAP)- otherwise based on automatic system schedule. One month notice & payment minimums required for disenrollment. Any refund request will be processed based on situation, minus registration/administration/deposit fee, received/allotted materials, and tuition based on month notice.

*Full refund if FULL session is canceled by instructor/studio- and usually options for moving classes are offered.

*If an individual class is canceled do to weather or instructor illness, a good faith effort to reschedule will be made. Unlimited makeups offered through regular schedule for pass/membership holders- subject to availability (space & developmentally appropriate). I usually also provide an extra makeup/demo/special event per quarter for another makeup opportunity- subject to studio & instructor availability & schedule.

*email - the system requires an email and all studio/class/emergency info uses email. Text for mass communication is available only if you toggle on texting in our account. You are welcome to contact anytime using your preferred method- and you can request a different form of communication be used for any personal inquires/communications. (if you can not use email at all, contact Sally personally for options).