Allegheny RiverTrail Park formerly Aspinwall Riverfront Park

Right on the banks of the Allegheny River. So peaceful to visit each week!! Classes are held INSIDE. Using the Party Room of an old marina ... bought by a private group and turned into a beautiful park, nature walk and play space. There are chaise lounges to sit and watch the river go by, a fishing pier and observation well as boats bobbing in the small marina right next to the Highland Park Bridge. Great stretch of the Allegheny. Come out and enjoy the view...and music class of course. Truly marvelous place to take a class. COVID INFO: We are inside but have the 4 sets of french doors open with gates + 2 windows for cross ventilation + A/C. Once winter hits, we will be in the larger room behind the party room. Big space, high ceilings, circulating air. Pl. call for more info.

285 River Avenue
Aspinwall, PA 15215

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Allegheny RiverTrail Park entrance is at the intersection of Freeport RD and Brilliant Ave in the heart of Aspinwall. 2 things: 1. Intersection of River Rd & Freeport Rd (where you turn in to go to the park) is just a few yards down from where Brilliant Ave intersects Freeport RD. 1st time is a bit confusing. Look huge banners attached to the train tressel that you will be driving under. I do not believe there is a River Rd street sign...but the banners are HUGE! 2. Cross the Rail Road Tracks and follow the drive around to the RIGHT. The Borough of Aspinwall has a facility on site as well, so just follow the signs, PARK, and then follow the walkway TOWARD THE WATER and your will find us no problem.

Please go to m u s i c f o r a l i f e t i m e . c o m to register for my classes.

Any questions, call me anytime, 412.512.0477 c.

10% overall discount if school year paid in full by end of September.

Your place is reserved when a payment has been made.

Assume first choice is confirmed unless contacted.

Registration is agreement to pay tuition, regardless of # of classes missed.

Make-up classes are unlimited within the current school year.

If the class is not a good fit, just let us know.:)

We are confident that after you and your child experience this “Process Not Performance” driven curriculum at work, have had a chance to become familiar with the music in your car and/or at home, you will feel it is a great value for your family.

Please note: once materials are opened, they cannot be refunded.

Canceled classes receive full refund & 2 days notice.

Generous sibling discount (30% in different classes, 50% in same class - call for details please).

Kindermusik by Lynda, 59 Mount Vernon Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15229,

412.931.5421 (home office, call anytime, evenings fine) or 412.512.0477 (cell anytime...if teaching I will just call you back)