Kindermusik at Donna's Studio

Kindermusik at Donna's Studio offers the following core curricula for Level 1 to Level 5: Level 1 - Village (birth to 18 months), Level 2 - Our Time (1 1/2 to 3 years), Level 3 - Imagine That (3 to 5 years), and Level 4 & 5 - Young Child (4 1/2 to 8 years) Check with Donna to confirm interest in a Kindermusik class 'en français'; Merci beaucoup.

3559 Pederson Crescent
Regina, SK S4V2A9

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Level 3 / Imagine That Wednesday 4:30pm - en français only

Refunds are not available on At-Home Materials. With advanced notice, a prorated refund on tuition fees only will be available before the 7th class of a 15-week unit.

Family discount of $25 per semester is available for families with more than one child registered in more than one child registered in a 15-week unit; this discount does not apply to a family with the 2nd child being in Village /Level 1 (7-week program).

Multiples discount of $25 per semester is available for families with more than one child the same age being registered for the same class/day/time (twins or triplets, for example). This is applied to tuition only.

Sibling Kits are available for Young Child (Level 4 & 5) programs only. If you wish to purchase an individual item for your kit, to replace a lost item, for example, please contact the studio to arrange this payment.

New families in a YC / Level 4&5 program need to purchase an instrument & purple bag (eg. Glockenspiel & bag, along with all other materials). New students are accepted in Year 1 only; continuing students only accepted in Year 2.

Returning students or children that have had siblings in this school-aged session, may select the Sibling cost which does not include the instrument & purple bag.

If using cheques the Tuition fees, only, may be posted to the first of day of the month that the new semester begins (eg. September 1, 2020).


Tuition fees, only, may be postdated in 4 installments .

Kindermusik 'en français' classes are designed for french-speaking families as the entire class is instructed in French. If a parent wishes to 'brush-up' on their french immersion experiences, for example, this is a great opportunity to join a Kindermusik class 'en français' in my studio!