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Welcome to Kindermusik with Ms. Dana! I proudly offer my Kindermusik classes at Hebron Church in Dacula, Georgia, as part of Hebron's School of Music. I have been sharing my love for music with children in my community for over 25 years. I am honored to be a Top Program Educator with Kindermusik. Music is an essential part of childhood and Kindermusik gives me a unique opportunity to bring music into the lives of children and their families. The Kindermusik experience is designed to nurture the child's development, prepare them for learning and establish a love and appreciation for music. Kindermusik is fun! It is my goal every week to provide an exciting and safe environment where children and their parents or caregiver learn, sing, dance, play, meet new friends, and make lasting memories. It is my desire that each child and adult feel loved and encouraged as a member of our Kindermusik community.


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In order to attempt social distancing, class sizes are reduced. Hand sanitizer is always available and families are asked to be considerate of others and not attend class when sick and not feeling well. Face masks or coverings are optional. Instruments and props will be provided by Ms. Dana but you are welcome to bring your own personal set of instruments for your child to use in class. If you choose this option your child's instrument set should include a scarf and two of each: egg shakers, rhythm sticks, bells, and sand blocks. Keep in mind that unique instruments or props not on the before mentioned list may occasionally be used in class and they will be provided by the educator. Families will be seated in the classroom at a distance, but please understand that in a learning environment such as Kindermusik, there will be movement around the room that may minimize that distance at times. All efforts possible will be made to keep each child and adult happy and healthy.

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All registrations are completed online through Kindermusik’s enrollment system. Your child’s spot is reserved in a class with full payment or a $40 non-refundable deposit. If you choose to enroll with a deposit, the balance will be billed to the credit or debit card on file on the first day of class. A discount on tuition is available for sibling registrations. Tuition refunds may be requested due to an unexpected move or serious illness necessitating withdrawal from class. A tuition credit voucher for future classes/semesters will be offered to any child that is removed from class for any other reason.