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Classroom Circle Activity

Our Kindermusik@School music-and-movement programs for children ages 0-7 are designed to work in virtually any school-based, home-based, or childcare setting. Our research-driven curricula are child-centered, developmentally appropriate, and easy to implement. Kindermusik solutions are the ideal complement to pre-K and kindergarten programs in public schools, private schools, and childcare centers. We offer solutions for Head Start and Early Head Start programs, after-school programs, home-based visitation programs, and more. Our user-friendly materials present an easy-to-integrate and fun way to introduce the many developmental benefits of music and movement into any early childhood education. Find the Kindermusik solution that works best for you.

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Learn how Kindermusik@School can work for you!

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Our classroom solutions offer easy-to-teach music-based activities that will fully engage young learners—and provide helpful tools and methods for teachers to use throughout the day.

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Our music-and-movement program supports classroom teachers in furthering school readiness for their students and in providing support to families.

Parents as Teachers Program

Our original, fun activities support home visitors in helping families gain skills, confidence, and new ways to engage with their babies and small children.

Child with Special Needs

As part of a stand-alone program, or as an inclusion resource for children with special needs, our music-and-movement curricula provide a unique and effective way to reach children of all backgrounds, developmental levels, and learning styles. Kindermusik@School curricula align with IDEA funding, Part C, and Part B.

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Kindermusik@School is ideal for childcare centers with multi-age classrooms.

Children Participating in Kindermusik@School Class

Our engaging music-and-movement curricula work overtime as English-language immersion experiences. Short, easy-to-follow lessons provide a fun way for young children to hone their English skills while singing, dancing, and playing instruments to English-language songs, rhymes, and stories.

Kindermusik Kid In an International School

Music and movement work in any language! Our curricula help young children in non-English-speaking countries to absorb the sounds, words, phrases, and cadences of English naturally as they dance, sing, hop, skip, listen, and play along with English-language songs, rhymes, and stories.

Children with Drum

Learn how Kindermusik@School can work for you!