Teach through music.
Empower learners for life.

Flexible music and movement curricula for schools, home visitors, therapists, and more

Why is music key to early academic and social-emotional success?

Research tells us when multiple senses are stimulated at once, the better we learn. That’s exactly what Kindermusik’s Music Programs for Schools Kits provide—engaging music and movement lessons for ages 0-6. We use visual, auditory, and kinesthetic elements to fuse joy with important milestones. In a nutshell, it’s consistent multi-sensory learning made easy and fun.


How does Kindermusik work in a 1:1 or classroom setting?

From entire music classes to shorter transition tools, our aligned, Montessori-inspired solutions fit every teaching schedule and environment. Kindermusik’s 1:1 kits are designed for short learning bursts, while our monthly units (ideal for classrooms) contain lessons that can be broken out into 10, 15, 20, or 30-minute segments.

Multi-colored bar graph showing the breakdown of Kindermusik’s music programs for schools.

Utilize full units for dedicated class time or break them out as transitional tools.

Teacher shakes maracas with preschool students while using Kindermusik’s music programs for schools.

It's easy for educators.

Our music and movement kits—designed by teachers for teachers—help smooth transitions, refocus energy, create calm, and support trackable growth for all learning types.

Pre-planned lessons

Step-by-step teacher guides

Robust online assets (training videos, progress logs, and more)

Supportive digital audio (allows teachers to participate and observe)

Favorite resources for rituals and routines (stories, rhymes, and songs you can access any time)

Optional in-person or virtual product training

See how Kindermusik works in your learning space.

We have carefully-crafted, all-inclusive kits for everything from homeschool pods, to speech and language pathology offices, to Pre-K classrooms.

Research icon showing children who experienced Kindermusik’s music programs for schools saw a 32% gain in literacy skills.

It’s backed by research.

Kindermusik isn’t just a music appreciation class. It’s a one-stop-shop that fuels all areas of early development with proven teaching techniques. From boosting language and literacy scores to improving social-emotional growth, Kindermusik sparks positive results for all learners. And we’ve got the research to prove it.

Mom, dad, and 2-year-old daughter playing with a shaker from Kindermusik’s Level 1 music programs for schools kit.

It’s rooted in family connection.

We believe parents and caregivers are our children’s best teachers, so every Kindermusik kit comes with at-home resources. Through physical and digital materials, and our free on-the-go app, we make it easy for grownups to continue the learning and joy wherever they are.

Kindermusik’s mixed-age music programs for schools kit.

Kick brainpower into high gear.

Our 1:1 and group solutions span six developmental levels, and are flexible, adaptable, and fun! Find a learning solution that’s right for your teaching space.


Want more information on our curriculum kits?

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