With Kindermusik, school administrators can feel confident that they’re investing in an evidence-based, research-proven program that helps drive positive outcomes for all types of young learners through the power of music. The curriculum aligns with standards for high-quality early childhood programs, including:

  • Common Core State Standards
  • Early Head Start & Head Start Standards (ELOF)
  • The Class Assessment Scoring System (CLASS™) Pillars
  • Parent, Family, and Community Engagement Framework for Early Childhood Systems (PFCE)

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Kindermusik encourages and models effective teacher-child interactions, supporting each pillar of the CLASS Assessment.

For joyful and positive experiences supporting the emotional connection between and among children and staff.

For routines and rituals supporting positive behavior environments including tricky transitions.

For responsive interactions that stimulate and encourage concept development.

Kindermusik promotes positive interactions between teacher and child and, in turn, increases CLASS scores.” - Nancy Krase, Director of Child Start, Wichita, KS