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How does music support my child’s overall growth?

No matter what you’re trying to accomplish with your little one—first steps, better vocabulary, calming techniques, kindergarten math skills—practicing research-based musical play techniques at home can make all the difference.

A mom and her son laughing and enjoying a mixed-ages Kindermusik class.

Need some fun, screen-free activities?

Get our music-based weekly activity kits delivered straight to your inbox. Explore a new educational theme each week, complete easy crafts together, and dance to the beat!

A Kindermusik “Level 5” instrument kit for big kids and beginners.

Make music anytime, anywhere.

Our age-appropriate instrument kits include safe, engaging instruments and props for every developmental level, and there’s even a parent kit to complete the family band!

A phone showing off the free Kindermusik app which helps take the fun anywhere.

Group learning sparks cognitive connections. Learning at home seals the deal.

We believe in the power of meaningful moments at home. Our free app supports streaming class music from anywhere, playlists for daily routines, tappable instrument play, how-to craft videos and more!

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