Level 4

(4-6 years)

For pre-K and kindergarten-age children

What does a Level 4 music class look like?

A lot of first experiences with musical concepts. A Kindermusik Level 4 class focuses on basic musical symbols, complex instruments, and more in-depth movement games. Children begin to master new music terms and concepts, and ready themselves for elementary math, reading, and writing.

Kindermusik Level 4 classes are music and movement classes for big kids.
Big kid grasping egg shaker. What to expect in a music class for big kids.

What to expect…


“What does that sound like?” Level 4 students are exposed to the sounds of individual instruments as well as music that highlights different genres, cultures, and composers.

Complex Instrument Play

Let’s turn it up a notch...children will participate in dances that include instruments, back-and-forth instrument play, and play patterns to songs.

Movement Variety

Grab a partner! Children will experience creative movement, group dances, movement with props, and more.

Pretend Play

“Imagine that you’re a...” Your child will engage in pretend play in various ways, such as music, storytelling, listening, and movement.

Big kid playing glockenspiel. What you’ll learn in a music class for big kids.

What you’ll learn…

Language and Literacy

Children increase phonological awareness, focused attention, communication skills, and vocabulary.


The connections in the brain that are used to integrate new learning, make decisions, and think critically are strengthened.

Musical Skills

Level 4 students show increased pitch accuracy when singing and gain a better understanding of rhythm patterns.

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Does your kindergartner love music? Want some help with grade level math and reading readiness? Level 4 classes are a great way to boost creativity and learning while having fun!