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Peekaboo...I Love You!

There’s no hiding your love for your child—especially during a game of peekaboo! The time-honored tradition of hide-and-reveal rarely fails to elicit smiles and squeals from delighted infants and children. This month, we’re happy to share our oh-so-fun PEEKABOO tips and song!

Getting Started is Simple

Step 1

Step 1: Watch the Video

Step 2

Step 2: Download the Peekaboo...I Love You! Song

Step 3

Step 3: Enjoy Peekaboo Playtime

Object Permanence

The Science Behind the Game

Did you know that child development specialists use a game of peekaboo to determine if an infant has developed a sense of object permanence?

Object permanence is the idea that your child knows that something still exists, even when it’s out of sight. Jean Piaget, who changed the way we look at how our children think, first theorized and explored object permanence by watching his own three children.

Piaget concluded that object permanence is settled at about 8-9 months, but researchers today say it happens much earlier—another reason to engage your child early and often in this engaging form of play!

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