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Make music listening a part of your daily rituals

Life is busy and stressful—even for children! Babies and young children will benefit from mindfully listening to music. Use our simple tips to make music listening a valuable part of your family's daily rituals.

Mindfulness Through Music Playlist

Mindfulness Through Music

  1. Golden Slumbers
  2. Skye Boat Song
  3. Arirang Hill
  4. Simple Gifts
  5. The Water is Wide
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Tips for Mindful Music Listening

Visual Learning

Start the music and then put your phone and all other technology away and out of sight.

Auditory Learning

Make eye contact with your child and smile.

Tactile Learning

Add some intentional touch such as rubbing their back or ears, or massaging their feet. If your child needs movement try rocking with them on your legs.

Tactile Learning

Start off with listening to just one or two songs, especially if your child is very young.

Tactile Learning

"Sit down and listen" isn't the goal. Focus instead on creating an environment where your child is able to enjoy the music—even if they're on the move!

Listen Up

Quietly talk about the music. Even babies and toddlers benefit from you labeling sounds for them, and children in preschool and beyond will delight in having a conversation about the music they're hearing.

What instruments are being used?

Is it a man or a woman singing?

Is the music fast or slow?

Does it sound happy or sad?

If there are words, what language are they speaking?


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