Kindermusik By Sharon Langford

Kindermusik classes will be held in the music room at Kid City Learning Center in Leesburg, Florida.

We Love Kindermusik!

We Love Kindermusik!


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Registration Information

1. One vacation or sick day during the semester will be excused from payment responsibility. Otherwise you will be responsible to pay for any absences during the semester. If there is a situation of prolonged absences due to sickness or other circumstances beyond your control, please contact me. We can either work out possible 'make up lessons' or 'pro-rate the tuition'. However, if you do not contact me, then you will continue to be responsible for the full amount.
2. If I should have to miss a class due to sickness or other circumstance beyond my control, you will either receive a credit to your account or we will provide a make up class.
3. Three payment options are given: 1)weekly, 2)monthly, or 2)paying total tuition up front
4. At Home Materials Fee and Kindermusik Registration Fee are due with enrollment
5. I offer a 10% sibling discount towards tuition
6. A child may enroll in Kindermusik anytime during the semester - I appreciate you telling your friends and family about Kindermusik.
7. I offer one free weekly class for each referral enrollment