Teaching Children with Special Needs

Mother Holding Child with Special Needs

Kindermusik curricula align with IDEA funding. Our programs have been successfully implemented within special education curricula, and can be adapted to meet the needs of all children, including those with autism spectrum disorders, Down syndrome, developmental delays, and hearing or visual impairments. We offer a supplemental strategies guide for teachers that includes unit-by-unit activity modifications and an index of activities that can be used to target and develop particular skills for children with special needs.

Students who are physically impaired are jamming to the music and using vocabulary that they haven’t used before. Some children who have autism spectrum disorders and have been totally non-verbal are not only using phrases, but complete sentences as well.”

Meet Shane and her daughter, Filomena

There is magic happening at Parker-Bennett-Curry Elementary in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Vicki Wristel, Associate Superintendent for Learning Programs and Carrie Larkin, Special Education Teacher, share the powerful impact Kindermusik has had on their students with specialized instruction. You’ll also hear one mother’s journey from autism to hope!

Meet Sarah and her daughter, Tallulah