Includes Music
& Instrument!

Go, Go, GO!

Presented by Oak Park, IL

You can chug-a-lug, beep-beep, and swish your oars while you explore vehicle sounds and the stop-and-go, this-way and that-a-way movements of trains, cars, and boats. Buckle up, here we go! Ages 1.5-3 year old with adult.  This is a demo class for students who have not attended one of our classes before--we'll give you $15 off if you sign up that day for a class!
Ages: 1.5 - 3

This is a one-time only playdate at Oak Park, IL.
Date: Monday, April 16, 2018
Time: 09:30 AM
Duration:     40 minutes
Cost: 15.00 USD
Oak Park, IL
137 N. Oak Park Avenue
Room 107
Oak Park, IL 60302

Pat Larson

Phone : 708-763-9823
Email :

Included Music and Instrument

Early Childhood Rhythm Sticks, pair

This pair of rhythm sticks is just the right size for little hands! Made of the finest hardwoods for the best solid sound, we finish them for a smooth surface that is easy to clean. 7" long, 3/4" wide with safe beveled edges.

CD, Sing In The New Year!

Kindermusik Sing in the New Year
End your year in Kindermusik style with fun and music with some of the best loved songs for that time of the year.  
Kindermusik Sing in the New Year features a beautiful assortment of Kindermusik favorite songs that speak to the happiness that is shared as we celebrate the current year and welcome the new year.
Kindermusik Sing in the New Year - Track List
1. It’s Time to Celebrate
2. Sing-A-Ling-A-Ling
3. If You’re Happy and You Know It
4. Rise, Sugar, Rise
5. Come and Join Our Dancing
6. Hey, Lolly
7. Sing Together
8. Mazoo
9. Please and Thank You Dance
10. Hop Up, My Baby
11. Toodala
12. Kerry’s Ten-Penny Wash
13. Four White Horses
14. Piggy Jig

Oops. It looks like this studio is no longer accepting online enrollments for this one-time playdate. Please select another playdate, or contact the studio for more information. We’re sorry for any inconvenience.