Includes Music
& Instrument!

At My House

Presented by Blacknall Memorial Presbyterian Church

This is a closed-group Playdate (6 mo - 6 yrs) for a Durham working mothers group.  Interested in joining this group or participating in a Saturday Kindermusik class?  Email
Ages: 0 - 7

This is a one-time only playdate at Blacknall Memorial Presbyterian Church.
Date: Saturday, September 24, 2016
Time: 09:30 AM
Duration:     30 minutes
Cost: 15.00 USD
Blacknall Memorial Presbyterian Church
1902 Perry Street
Durham, NC 27705

Barbra Laird

Phone : 9193585971
Email :

Included Music and Instrument

Kindermusik Beach Ball

Our beach ball inflates to a colorful 10" diameter. The size and light weight of the ball make it easy to propel yet slow to travel...since the last thing anyone wants is to lose a beach ball!

Music Download Gift Cards

Select and download your 10 favorite Kindermusik songs from with the Kindermusik Download Card.  Search the entire Kindermusik catalog of songs by age of child, style or theme to find the perfect songs for your own special album.

Download to any device for listening enjoyment whenever and wherever your child might go!

Oops. It looks like this studio is no longer accepting online enrollments for this one-time playdate. Please select another playdate, or contact the studio for more information. We’re sorry for any inconvenience.