Why Kindermusik?

Educator Spotlight: Kylie Clift

A Kindermusik educator for 12 years now, Kylie Clift loves bringing music into the hearts and lives of Sydney-area families. Since the very beginning when she first opened Jim Jam Studios in 2006, Kylie’s #1 focus has been on making every student feel valued and special, accepted and celebrated for who they are. Lovingly known [...]

Kindermusik – A Family Affair

A class for kids that’s really an experience for the whole family? Actually, yes! That’s the perfect description of Kindermusik, and one of the happy discoveries for so many families who enroll in Kindermusik. But how exactly does a music class for kids become something that includes, engages, and supports the whole family? We love [...]

Growing Up in Kindermusik

When I became licensed to teach Kindermusik way back in 1994, I never imagined what the next twenty-something years would hold for me…or the hundreds of children and families I’ve been privileged to hold in my heart all this time. Twenty plus years means that many of those babies I had in my lap are [...]

For the Love of Musik: Starting a Kindermusik Studio

I became a member of the Kindermusik family over 20 years ago now, thanks to a dear college professor who encouraged me to pursue my love of music and young children by becoming a licensed Kindermusik educator. Little did either of us know that the first step of enrolling in Kindermusik training would lead to [...]

Educator Spotlight: Katherine Knight

As a licensed Kindermusik educator for nearly 14 years now, Katherine Knight is a rising star in the Kindermusik studio owner community. We admire her not only for her vision, her business savvy, and her creativity in the classroom, but also for her determination, courage, and never-quit attitude. She has a heart for others, demonstrated [...]