Why Kindermusik?

Kindermusik Classroom Instruments and their Big Brothers

The Kindermusik experience is very much process-based, allowing children (and parents!) to linger in the precious moments of childhood just a little longer and to celebrate everything that can make childhood both magical and musical. But that process isn’t open-ended.  In Kindermusik, we are deliberately and intentionally building a rich and experiential foundation of learning [...]

Looking for a Gift? Kindermusik Classes to the Rescue!

Why Kindermusik Classes Are Such a Great Experience Gift It’s the hot thing on many gift lists this year – an experience gift!  But what kind of an experience gift is special and memorable for a young child, even one who’s still a little baby?  We’re glad you asked because we have the perfect suggestion... [...]

Repetition Repetition Repetition

Humans are built for repetition. So much of what we do as living beings is rooted in repetitive structure. We have a cycle each day that we repeat: get up...do daily activities...eat...more activities...eat again...more activities...eat a third time...rest a bit...and sleep. The next day its starts again. We brush our teeth the same way each day. [...]

The Surprising Reasons Why Grownups Love Kindermusik Too

All you have to do is look around the classroom during a Kindermusik class, and you’ll see why children love Kindermusik so much -- from beloved class routines to pint-sized friends to favorite instruments to that teacher they absolutely adore.  Look a little closer, and you’ll notice that the adults are really loving “their” Kindermusik [...]

What Makes Kindermusik So Compelling to Children

It's More Than Just Instruments! It’s the cutest thing to watch even a very young baby’s first responses to music and being in a Kindermusik class.  As Kindermusik educators, we have the incredible privilege of observing these young children very closely so that we can most effectively adapt and personalize the activities we teach in [...]