Thoughts on music, part 1 (“let music permeate”)

Kindermusik 30-year veteran and guru Carol Penney shares some thoughts on music in a five-day, five part series. Check back with Minds on Music each day for the next post!

I can barely remember a time that “mothering” (to my boys of 26 and 30) hasn’t been a prominent presence and driver in my life — celebrating, worrying, guiding, overcoming obstacles, desiring involvement, cherishing the hug/call/email/text, and so on.

More and more often, I experience “ahhhhh” moments as I realize my hand is off the tiller. They are launched — living beautiful, independent lives, and I am humbled to have played a part. I often think about what I learned as a mom, afforded by the hindsight of age, experience, and 30 years of Kindermusik involvement. I also visualize who I will one day become as a grandmother.

The consistent thread through it all: music! It’s the panacea for many of the challenges that wreak havoc as children grow up. It calms babies. It brings joy to toddlers. It builds confidence in preschoolers. It develops far-reaching and long-lasting skills that grow musicians, creative problem solvers, and confident lovers of learning.

My single best advice for young parents? Let music permeate your home (and car)! Music makes parenting more joyful. Music helps children unfold into wonderful, responsible, caring adults. And you don’t have to be a musician to bring music in your child’s life — just participate and enjoy singing, dancing, and listening together!
-Carol Penney, Kindermusik educator and employee-owner

Check back tomorrow for part 2 of the series!

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