It’s time to have a ball!

Indoor or out, as part of a raucous romp or a well-controlled environment, ball play can be a great developmental exercise for kids as they develop balance, posture control, stability, core muscle strength, and spatial judgment. Not to mention, it's pratically impossible not to smile and have fun when playing with a ball!

Have your kid grab a ball and try these:

• Kick the ball — it requires him to shift weight to one foot for support
• Throw the ball — it calls for balance, coordination, and the use of two hands
• Jump up and reach for a ball — it promotes stretching, strengthening, and conditioning
• Sit on top of a big rubber ball and bouncing gently — not only does it elicit giggles, it strengthens core muscles and promotes balance

Need a ball? The Gertie ball is available in our online store, found here.

Need some music to inspire your ball play? Do a search for the word “ball” at KI’s new e-Music site, Kindermusik Play. See what you come up with!    

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