Social & Emotional

5 Big Benefits: The Social Learning Domain and Kindermusik

The textbook definition of social-emotional development “…includes the child’s experience, expression, and management of emotions and the ability to establish positive and rewarding relationships with others (Cohen and others 2005).  At its heart, social development for children is about connections and understanding and expressing emotions.   In the very early years, it’s about connecting and [...]

Mommy Reblog: Building Your Child’s Creativity and Emotional Health Through Music

Angela England, a mother of five from Oklahoma, shares her thoughts on how music can help build your child's creativity and emotional health. She writes for Mom Blog Society. Creativity Skills in Music Education As children move from attentive listeners to beginning performers, they begin to express more and more self-expression. They learn how to adapt [...]

No Matter What – Sing to Your Child

It’s the viral video that made its rounds on Facebook and probably made you tear up a bit too.  A mom sings a sad love song to her 10-month baby, and the baby’s eyes well up.  Why does the baby have such an emotional reaction to the mother’s singing? In her article featuring this viral [...]

Building Community Through Music

I travel quite a lot as a conductor. I guest conduct choral festivals in various locations as a part of my musical life. Last month, I found myself working with the New Jersey Treble All-State Choir, an ensemble made up of high school sopranos and altos. These types of festivals are always exciting for me. [...]

Book Review – Fidget Wisely

Fidget Wisely: 10 Ways to Teach Mindfulness Skills to Kids Who Can't Sit Still by Kirsten May Keach MA, MFT is available at your favorite local bookstore or online in both digital and paperback editions.   A Wonderful Resource... Does your child fidget? Perhaps he has a hard time sitting in one place. Let's face it...we've all [...]