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Music Therapy: Music as Medicine

Music Therapy - it's been around for some time...let's say as long as we've had music. As a credentialed profession, it's still relatively new. The first program to award a degree in music therapy began at Michigan State University in 1944. The American Music Therapy Association came into being in 1998. To many, the profession [...]

Science Center Stage: Kids’ Brains Grow Faster with Music

We don’t just think music instruction has a cognitive impact; we know it does.  The science to prove it continues to pile up.  And it’s pretty exciting stuff when you’re talking about things like MRI’s, EEG’s, and behavioral testing being part of the proof. A recent study, begun by the Brain and Creativity Institute at [...]

Science Center Stage: Music Improves Brain Development in Children

We talk often about how music impacts our lives in countless ways. With our little ones, we focus on the positive effects of music as children grow - specifically development in the language, social, emotional, fine and gross motor, and cognitive domains. All of these domains are controlled by that mysterious organ - the human [...]

The Gift of Health: Music Boosts the Immune System

It's science! While those of us "in the know" - musicians of all types - have always understood that music has positive health benefits for us, it's not common knowledge. Dr. Boyle shares research with us that explains how the magical art of music has a scientific effect on our minds and bodies - just in [...]

Science Center Stage: Gratitude

It's that time of year...families in the United States will gather around tables across the country, eat turkey and stuffing, sweet potatoes and cranberry sauce, and perhaps watch a parade or football game. The Thanksgiving holiday finds its roots in communal meals to celebrate the year's harvest. Now, we often take time to give thanks [...]